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DPS is a leading company in the innovation and development technology of gas commerce and distribution in Indonesia. Since its establishment in 1981, DPS started its business in oil and gas industry as a supplier of equipment and service provider. DPS, now on its fourth decade, has transformed to expand its manner of gas business sector in the form of LNG, CNG, gas pipeline, gas power plant, and other source of alternative energy.

Thanks to its long and profound experience in the chain of natural gas business, in 2010 DPS started focusing on natural gas commerce. With its motto “Promoting clean energy through innovation”, in 2012 DPS through its subsidiary, successfully constructed the first CNG Peaker Plant in Indonesia and in 2014 DPS became the pioneer in the utilization of CNG Marine for remote areas. DPS innovation continued with development of the first small-scale LNG infrastructure in Indonesia which commenced its operation in 2018. DPS is committed to support Indonesian government’s energy conversion program to develop and improve the utilization of clean energy for Indonesia.
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