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CNG TradingCNG Trading
DPS has started the CNG trading business in East Java since 2010. DPS has succeeded in penetrating industrial markets that are not accessible by gas pipelines. Currently DPS has supplied gas to more than 20 customers, from Central Java to East Java. DPS also owns and operates its own CNG mother station and Gas Transport Module (10ft, 20ft and 40ft) facilities to support these activities.
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Gas Pipe TradingGas Pipe Trading
DPS provides and delivers complete and integrated solution for gas transportation & distribution through pipeline. With years of experience and in-depth understanding on regulation and technology, DPS does have the capability to meet the needs of safe, reliable, and affordable gas through pipeline.

In a cooperation with PT Pertamina Gas, DPS has built and operating an 18 km gas pipeline, from Porong, Sidoarjo to Ngoro Industrial Park (NIP), Mojokerto; contributing to the development of gas pipeline distribution on a national scale. DPS is committed to develop gas pipeline network both in East Java and other areas in Indonesia.
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CNG Peaker  CNG Marine InfrastructureCNG Peaker & CNG Marine Infrastructure
DPS has had experience in CNG technology since 2010. With that experience, DPS has successfully developed CNG for the world's first peaker power plant in 2013. Furthermore, DPS has been developing CNG for power generation and industrial purposes.

In 2015 DPS has been awarded contract from PT PLN (Persero) Group to transport CNG from Gresik to a remote island, Bawean, for 15 years. As a pioneer for CNG Marine Transportation, DPS has developed a breakthrough technology to transport CNG using CNG carrier.

This project was valuable for an archipelago country like Indonesia as DPS was the first one in the world to have done so. PT. Dharma Pratama Sejati has excelled in providing complete technical and economic solution for CNG.
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Gas Power plantGas Power plant
DPS is capable of offering complete solution for safe, reliable and affordable power plant based on our operation experience and in-depth understanding in the technology and applicable regulation in Indonesia.
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LNG InfrastructureLNG Infrastructure
LNG is a natural gas stored at very low temperature (-162 °C), which occupies 1/600 volume of natural gas in normal condition. DPS owns wide range of experience in providing economic and technical solution for LNG supply chain from liquefaction, transportation, storage, up to regasification.
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Oil  Gas ServicesOil & Gas Services
DPS also offers prominent services in painting/coating, especially in sand blasting and painting. DPS has been awarded contracts in oil and gas development projects in Indonesia such as Badak NGL Bontang, Cilacap Oil Refinery, Bontang Fertilizer Factory, LNG West Tangguh Papua, and LNG Donggi Senoro as well as several oil producing countries such as Qatar, Russia, and Papua New Guinea.
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